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Overview of freight transport in Germany

Written by Anne Kerriou | July 27 2023

Germany has developed a powerful transport and logistics ecosystem, serving its economic influence on a European and global scale. Our white paper ‘Special Germany’ provides an overview of the sector.

As Europe's leading economy and the 4th largest in the world, Germany is characterised by the importance of its industry, and by its foreign trade, which is very internationally oriented, even if the war in Ukraine has revealed points of vulnerability in its development model. Over the years, Europe's economic powerhouse has succeeded in developing a strong transport and logistics sector to ensure that its economy continues to thrive. We have devoted a series of articles to this topic, published in spring 2023.

The White Paper we are presenting today brings together the main articles from this series, with updated figures. The presentation of the German economy is followed by a review of the situation by mode of transport (road transport, ports and maritime transport, rail freight).


1/ The new challenges facing Europe’s economic powerhouse

  • An industrial power
  • The strength of foreign trade
  • Vulnerabilities revealed by the war in Ukraine

2/ Road transport: a coveted German market

  • A German flag in decline
  • The characteristics of German Road Freight Transport
  • Strong growth in road transport expected by 2050
  • Challenges ahead

3/ A solid fabric of ports and maritime operators

  • A strategic port ecosystem for foreign trade
  • The importance of German cargo handlers
  • National maritime supply chain champions

4/ Germany, Europe's rail freight champion

  • A mostly stable market share
  • A very international profile
  • Strong competition
  • Invest and diversify

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