Overview of freight transport in Spain

July 27 2022

The transport and logistics sector is a major player in the Spanish economy, which today has a European dimension. Our white paper ‘Special Spain’ provides an overview of the sector, mode by mode after two years of the pandemic.

Historically and geographically on the margins of Europe, Spain began a process of opening up in the late 1950s which led to a long period of economic expansion, culminating in its entry into the European Union on 1 January 1986. Spain is now one of the main European markets. The transport and logistics sector plays a key role in this dynamic. We have therefore devoted a series of articles to it, published in the spring of 2022.

The White Paper we are presenting today brings together the main articles from this series, with updated figures. The presentation of the Spanish economy is followed by a review of the situation by mode of transport (road transport, ports and maritime transport, rail freight) after two years of a pandemic that has particularly affected this country.


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Daniel Solano is an economics journalist. Based in Spain, he covers international trade and transport issues.
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