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White Paper: supply chain diversification

August 10 2023

The global pandemic and the ongoing geopolitical tension are leading companies and governments to develop a strategy of supply chain diversification. This policy is beginning to have a tangible impact on world trade patterns.

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of global trade and supply chains. Companies and governments have expressed a desire to diversify their supply sources, in order to reduce the risks of dependence on a dominant supplier, in this case China, which in the space of two decades has become the "world's factory".

Supply chain diversification is a complex process. But the increase in geopolitical tensions has accentuated the desire to spread risk that emerged in the context of the pandemic.

In our White Paper on supply chain diversification, we attempt to assess the extent to which this strategy has been put into practice, by analysing the economic activities of the main countries likely to be affected by the diversification of supply sources.

This analysis is divided into two sections:

  • Short-term trends, based on recent developments in trade.
  • Long-term trends, based on trends in foreign direct investment (FDI).

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