Transportation & Logistics Analysis

Wild weather impacts Chicago road freight corridors

February 06 2019

Extreme temperatures wreaked havoc across a number of U.S. states last week. Let's have a look at some impacts on road transportation business! 

Record breaking freezing temperatures where recorded in states from Minnesota to New York, with the Chicago area severely impacted.

Some wind chill factors reached minus -50°F below zero. It’s difficult for trucks to operate under these conditions. This extreme weather negatively impacts transportation equipment and overall market capacity. This capacity trend was immediately reflected in the following rate evolutions we observed in two critical high volume lanes: Newark to Chicago (+15% week to week-dry van) and Chicago to Saint-Louis (+6% week to week-dry van).

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As a professional in the transport and logistics industry for over 15 years, Chris has contributed to Upply's development across the Atlantic. Thanks to his business expertise and his appetite for innovation, Chris is able to analyse the challenges facing the supply chain in the United States.
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