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Hamburg - Hong Kong in 40' High Cube Reefer

June 12 2019

In line with the latest maritime datas developments regarding Upply's Benchmark, we focus this week on a relevant Reefer lane from Europe to Asia, to illustrate our new Reefer container benchmark tool. Spotlight on the lane Hamburg - Hong Kong.

Wines and spirits, pharmaceutical products, pastry and bakery, frozen meat… These fastly growing markets are well oriented thanks to carrier’s efforts top offer to the market this type of equipment, mostly in High Cube Reefer format.

« Reefer » being the most common wording to qualify this specific type of equipment (only available in ports) even is this type of container purpose is to offer positive and negative temperature control of goods, on shore and at sea.

Hambourg_Hong Kong

Historical view on average rates in Port to Port (with THC) estimated by Upply over the past 24 months – June 12th, 2019

Photo credit : Image by moerschy from Pixabay 

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