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Le Havre - New York: rates are still increasing for 40’ HC

June 19 2019

On the Transatlantic Westbound route, we are now at the highest of the peak season before the traditional summer slowdown.

New York is the well-established number one port of destination on the US East Coast for Le Havre, representing 70% of the volumes loaded, according to port statistics. In addition to the usual categories of goods, we can record 3 peaking commodities:

  • Wine and spirits: both in dry and reefer containers, which corresponds to a seasonal stock up ahead of higher summer consumption.
  • Chemicals products: the increase is due to the European spring production, and the necessity to send batches of orders before the summer plant production stops for maintenance, repair, and yearly workforce vacation.
  • Moving season: cross-Atlantic moves are concentrated over the summer period, which aligns with the “back to school” season, starting end of August, early September in the US.

We expect rates to be high for the next 3 weeks on this lane before some natural erosion may be felt by carriers by mid-July.

As usual on this route, the capacity is particularly well monitored to narrow the gap between offer and demand, mostly with small and relatively old vessels.

Photo legend: US Coast Guards Cadet Vessel alongside Lady Liberty Replica from the movie « The Brain », The Rouen Armada (June.13, 2019)

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