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Road transport price rise marks a pause in February

March 19 2021

Road transport prices stayed stable in France in February 2021, according to our Upply barometer. This is a fairly good reflection of the wait-and-see attitude of the market as it tries to decide whether there are better times ahead or whether morale is continuing to be affected by the crisis.

In France, February was marked by the continuing 6 pm curfew and the imposition of additional measures on 26 February in the Alpes-Maritime region and the Dunkirk urban area, which are now subject to weekend lockdowns.

In this situation, road transport prices in France stagnated at index level 99, the same as in January, according to our Upply data base. Over 12 months, however, comparing February 2020 to February 2021, the variation was almost zero (-0.1 points), whereas, in January 2021, the level was 1.7% down on January 2020.

This confirmed that the trend has been upward since summer 2020, which is to say since the end of the national lockdown imposed during the first wave of Covid-19. The price curb in the chart below levelled off, therefore, in January and February, before returning very probably to an upward trend in the months to come under the impact of rising demand and higher fuel oil prices.


Source : UPPLY




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