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Road transport prices in France were ''marking time'' in March

April 14 2023

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BAROMETER. Road transport prices rose only slightly in March on the French market. However, everything points to a new cycle of rising transport prices.

March is following the same pattern as February. Firstly, inflation continued to rise. Certain basic necessities, in particular, registered very significant increases: +31% for frozen meat, +27% for sugar, +26% for milk… Secondly, we have still not finished with the pension reform crisis and its daily repercussions from strikes (garbage collectors, transport, refineries…). The social discontent has continued in France, and since the use of the article 49.3 by the government and the rejection of the votes of no confidence, the anger of the French has not waned.

Some economists, however, take a positive view of the evolution of the French situation. "March marks the end of a relatively positive first quarter for the French economy," said Joe Hayes, senior economist at S&P Global Market Intelligence, analysing the purchasing managers index (PMI composite), even if its recovery is lower than expected.

Road transport prices more resilient than expected

As during last month, road transport prices remained almost stable in March, rising by only 0.2%, according to our Upply Freight Index. In this first quarter, the price change will therefore remain below 20 basis points month-on-month.


Source: Upply Freight Index – Road France

There is, however, a surprise hidden behind these figures (...)

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