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Road transportation prices start to rise again in April

May 12 2021

Road transportation prices resumed their rise in France in April 2021, according to our Upply barometer. The sector is also marked by an acceleration in external growth operations.

In April 2021, France experienced its third lockdown since the beginning of the pandemic. The restrictive measures were less harsh than for the previous two periods. However, they severely affected the economy, as shown by the 6% drop in GDP and the 10% drop in consumer spending.

The road freight prices in France nevertheless increased by 1.3% in April 2021 compared to March, demonstrating an apparent detachment from the economic recessionary context in France. Several favorable effects have played a role: a catching-up of the diesel indexation, a price mix influenced in a greater proportion of last mile deliveries and a capacity limitation due to the slowdown in the activity of foreign fleets in the territory.


Source : Upply

According to the Insee's review of business conditions published on May 6, road freight transportation companies "are also more likely to report supply difficulties in April 2021". Difficulties which "seem to arise more from financial constraints and a shortage of manpower" than a direct impact of the health restrictions, notes the INSEE.






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