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Shanghai / Paris Lane: A comparative view on cost per pallet

April 11 2019

Captain Upply innovates from his traditional “Lane of the week” and provides a cost per pallet according to the transportation mode comparison. A tariff to be viewed of course in parallel with the different transit times on this very typical axis of the "Silk Road".

Freight rates on the Shanghai / Paris lane are rather stable this week. Our analysis will therefore favor a comparative approach. We use a 40 'GPHC container as our basis - for retail (non-hazardous goods, finished products, packaged, palletized, filmed, 24 Euro-pallets of 80 x 120 cm, VGM weight of 20 tons). All prices are based on an estimation of the median price by Upply experts.

1 / Maritime Option FCL with forwarding Le Havre-Paris by road

Transit time: 50 days

Container Price: 2,400 euros

Price per pallet: 100 Euros

2 / End-to-End FCL Rail Option

Transit time: 25 days

Container Price: 5,300 Euros

Price per pallet: 220 Euros

3 / Road Option from end to end

Transit time: 15 days

Container price: 11,000 Euros

Price per pallet: 460 Euros

4 / Standard Air Option

Transit Time: 8 to 10 days

Price per pallet base 1T5: 4,000 Euros

Photo credit: Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay 

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