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Shanghai / Sydney: freight rates are slightly under pressure

April 17 2019

Captain Upply explores this week a "far-far away route" at least from European decision makers’ perspective: Shanghai-Sydney. The median price is currently slightly below the average of the last 24 months.

FINAL Shanghai - Sydney_EN (2)

The evolution of freight rates on the lane Shanghai-Sydney, according to Upply’s database, reveals a median price of $1,281 for a 40’, whereas the average was $1,315 for the last 24 months. The offer is direct, the «big 3» alliances offering similar services, often via Japan within a 2 weeks transit time bracket.

We notice very little difference between offers, with relatively small vessels operated (5,000 to 6,000 TEU standard) and a rather predictable and under control capacity leading to a usual rate stability. Rates are easing a bit now due to seasonal retail slow down.

Operating a relatively small fleet in terms of Vessels size is also a strong point for Japan Ports use, particularly Yokohama. 

(*) Our analysis is based on freight rates figures extracted from Upply’s database. The aim is to give an idea of the evolution at the present time, without any statistical value. Comment and additional information from our readers are welcome!

Photo credit: Pixabay

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