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Shanghai to Dakar in 40’ HC: rates are slightly decreasing

June 26 2019

This week we’re focusing on the journey from Asia to Africa. What was a niche market 20 years ago, commonly branded as "ASAF" by Delmas and MOL for “ASia AFrica” is now a major route, covered by the top 3 alliances.

The 2 roaring hubs of Algeciras and now Tangiers Med are ideally located to foster the development of direct connections between Asia and Africa.

Connecting these two continents without going through continental Europe for mass market requirements is the key to supporting the fast growing and modern African economy.

Vessel upgrade

This way of thinking also encouraged vessel upgrade along the Asia and West Med route, thereby accounting for this market’s growing needs.

However, one big drawback remains from a carrier’s perspective: the lack of containerized return cargo to Europe or to Asia. Over 50% of the containers loaded in West Africa are sent empty to feed ports in demand, mostly in Asia...

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