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Shanghai - Tokyo: a well-balanced route

August 28 2019

Not often discussed from Europe, the China/Japan pipeline is particularly consistent.

Compared to other Intra-Asia route or bigger Western routes that are prone to volatility, the Shanghai-Tokyo line is a hassle-free one, with a very stable capacity for a very stable demand. This can be described as a mature stable market in a globally volatile intra-Asian market.

There are only a few players on this Intra-Asia market where we find mostly Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Liner operators sharing this business.

The flows are pretty well balanced on this route also used for transshipment purposes via Korea to irrigate a broader area.


Historical view on average rates (Port to Port with THC) estimated by Upply over the past 24 months – Last update : August 28th, 2019

Photo credit: Photo by Louie Martinez from Unsplash


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