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The prospects for container shipping in 2022

January 25 2022

After an exceptional financial year in 2021, the shipping companies want and seem to hold all the cards they need to do even better in 2022.

You don't change a winning formula…In this early part of 2022, the shipping companies have every interest in pursuing the strategy which worked so well for them in 2022, restoring to sparkling good health their often shaky pre-pandemic financial situations.

This strategy is based on three principles:

  • Driving up average freight rates, while consolidating their client base through long contracts.
  • Encouraging strong growth on the digital spot market with the aim of ensuring that 30% of all cargo pays top price.
  • Finding additional profit sources by moving into pre- and post-shipping transport and logistics at the expense of forwarders.


  • Tailwinds

  • Headwinds

  • Our three scenarios for 2022
  1. The shipping companies continue to lead the dance
  2. The global supply chain seizes up
  3. The smaller operators gain market share


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