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Transportation prices consolidate their rise in May

June 10 2021

Road transportation prices in France rose by 0.3% in May according to our monthly Upply barometer. A rise that is certainly modest, but which confirms the upward trend.

In May, France began a gradual easing of lockdown measures. Travel between regions was allowed for the entire population as of May 3, as well as the reopening of middle and high schools with quotas in place. On May 19, the curfew was eased from 19:00 to 21:00 and was accompanied by a reopening of non-essential shops and outdoor catering. This easing of measures was met by general rejoicing.

In this euphoric atmosphere, road transportation prices continued their upward trend, showing an increase of 0.3%. Even if this increase may appear modest, it confirms that carriers are now able to maintain prices in France, even though low-cost foreign fleets have made a return.



Source: Upply




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With more than 20 years of experience in the international supply chain, William works as a road transportation expert for Upply. Entrepreneur by nature, he has successively worked in operational and functional management among various industries, such as chemistry, automotive and building materials; alternately shipper and service provider.
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