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International Transport Barometer: freight rates still high

October 05 2020

The global economy and international transport are strongly correlated. Upply is launching an "International Transport Barometer", which aims to shed light on price trends in sea and air freight transport.

The coronavirus epidemic has deeply disrupted international supply chains. In both maritime and air transport, prices have risen sharply in recent months. However, the financial situation of carriers is radically different from one sector to another: most airlines remain fragile, due to the persistent difficulties in the passenger business, while the largest container shipping companies have posted markedly improved results.

What do we know about the economic situation today? What can we expect in the coming weeks and what will be the consequences on air and sea freight transport prices? David Thébault, head of Financial Market Solutions at Upply, offers a detailed analysis of the major economic indicators and freight rate trends on the main trade corridors: Asia-Europe, Transpacific and Transatlantic. 


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With over 20 years' experience in the financial sector, David is also an accomplished entrepreneur with a string of success stories to his name. His area of expertise is finance and innovation, which he uses to optimise the supply chain market.
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